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Short biography of Donald Trump in english

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Short biography of Donald Trump in english

Donald Trump is known as america’s businessman, writer, TV artist, and 45th president of America. They also have a huge real estate business. They also remain in the spotlight of the media because of their unshakeable speeches.  Trump is not concerned with any political house.  Whatever they did on their own.  

Short biography of Donald Trump in english

Short biography of Donald Trump in english

Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York. His parents are named Mary Anne and Fred Trump. Presbyterian believes in Christianity. They are degrees holders in economics. Trump has had three marriages. The first marriage of Trump was with Ivana (former Olympic player). The marriage in 1977 lasted till 1991. Then, in 1993, Marla (actress) was divorced in 1999 by making her a life partner. Then married Melania (model) in 2005. 

biography of Donald Trump in english

The first wife is Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump, second wife Marla to Tiffany Trump, third wife Melania to William Trump. He studied at the Warton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Foderm and the University of Pennsylvania. From college time, Trump had started work in the father’s company. Trump’s father and grandparents were German immigrants. His grandfather acquired American citizenship in 1885. 

Donald Trump’s permission:

Donald John Trump Donald John Trump is counted among the most renowned businessmen and televisions in the United States. He was won in the US presidential election for the year 2016. He will officially join the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

Short biography of Donald Trump

His business is linked to real estate, sports, gaming. He made a lot of sari mistakes in his shares and he has always been considered an excellent form of a charismatic leader. Many people say that they always have a good technique of invigorating capacity and imagination of the future, and some people also say that they have the ability to give confidence to those who have lost faith.

Short biography of Donald Trump in english

biography of Donald Trump in english

At a very young age, he started working in Manhattan on a large project in the father’s business. He also made a grand heart, which is very famous and earned him a lot. His style, extravagant lifestyle and openly speaking method gave him a business mind as well as a celebrity.

Short biography of Donald Trump in english


He has been educated at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. In the early 1964 event, Trump attended Forunne Dham University in the Bronx for two years later he was one of the few real estate study departments at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in Philadelphia, which at the time was one of the few real estate study departments in United States education. There,However, she worked on the family company, Named for Elizabeth Trump and son, her grandmother. He graduated from Penn in May 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in economics

biography of Donald Trump

Short biography of Donald Trump in english

biography of Donald Trump in english

Donald Trump’s Childhood:

He was born June 14, 1946 in New York City, New York, U.S.A., in the home of father Frederic Trump (Frederick Trump) and mother Mary McLeod. Donald Trump was one of his 5 siblings.
He started his studies at Kev-Forest School, Forest Hills, New York. At the age of 13, his parents sent him to New York Military School. 

He emerged as the star athlete and student leader at the time of graduation of 1964. Trump studied for 2 years at Fordham University and then completed graduation at the Wharton School of Finance (University of Pennsylvania) economics in 1968.

Short biography of Donald Trump in hindi

Donald Trump’s Business Career:

Donald Trump joined his father’s company “Elizabeth Trump and Sun” at his college studies. The company rented maken of medium classes in Brooklyn, Kuins, and Staten Island. Trump began to pay a lot of attention to the business in which he invested $5 lakh. A total of 1200 apartments in this project were built in the city of Cincinnati which was rented out by 100% of people within about 2 years.

Donald Trump biography

Donald Trump Family: 

Trump had three marriages. The first ivana in 1977 from Jelnikova, the second from Marla Maples in 1993 and the third from Malania Naus in 2005. -Three children from first wife Ivana are Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric. The other wife is tiffany from Marla. While william Trump from third wife Melania.

Disputed statements about the daughter too:

1. Donald Trump has been accused of links and mistreatment of women. But his wife Malania always defended Trump.
2. Trump took the show ‘The Apprentice’ in his book ‘How to Get Rich’ in 2004, saying that all the female participants of the show flirt with me. They cannot say that they do it inadvertently or deliberately. 
3. Trump’s statement on his daughter on the talk show in 2006 was discussed. He was asked: Will Ivanka ever give nude pose for the cover of Playboy magazine? Trump said, “Well, Evanca should not do so.” But, their figure is excellent. If she had n’t been my daughter, I might have been dating her too.
4. Trump said during the campaign: “Women who conduct abortionmust get some punishment. Some women can make an abortion illegally.

Short biography of Donald Trump in english

Short biography of Donald Trump in english

biography of Donald Trump in english

Successful US businessman Donald Trump:

Donald Trump is a successful American businessman. They have a property of billions of rupees. They have a good property in the most expensive Manhattan area of New York. If you say that there is a wealthy American, it will not be wrong. Donald Trump was born on June 4, 1946 in Queens, New York. His father used to be a real estate businessman. In that era, they walked through luxurious trains, which were kept by drivers to run. At the age of 13, Trump went to military school to read. Later in 1964, he graduated from the Military Academy.

Donald Trump in english

Launched the Grand Hyatt Hotel in 1980:

In 1971, Trump joined the construction of a profitable projects in Manhattan. After which, in the decade 70, Trump bought the loss-making Commodore hotel for $7 million. And later in 1980, he started the hotel in the name of the Grand Hyatt. In 1982, Donald Trump built Trump Tower in New York. It is one of the famous buildings in New York. Says it was a major contributor to illegal workers from Poland in making it

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