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Short biography of Cleopatra in english


Short biography of Cleopatra in english

1. Preface:

There has been no shortage of beauticians in the history of the world. Every country has had somewhere in every era, there have been beautifies that there has been no dearth of gods either. Like Venus, the goddess of beauty in the history of the world, the name of “Cleopatra” has also been immortal.

Egypt beauty had kept the kings and princes mad by the magic of his beauty. His life remained very mysterious and famous.

2. Birth Introduction:

Queen Cleopatra, who was the daughter of the eleventh Talemi. He had many brothers who were younger than them. When his father died, Cleopatra, the successor to 


throne, was considered. She was very visionary, fond, ambitious.

His brothers, with a mascumenial mindset, rebelled against him, instead of accepting his subjugation. Other state officials did not accept Cleopatra’s subjugation. So all together decided to completely deport Cleopatra from Egypt.
Short biography of Cleopatra in english

Short biography of Cleopatra in english

They had thrown them out of Egypt that the civil war was going on at the time of the evacuation; At the same time caesar Egypt , the ruler of Rome, came; Because the Romans depended on cereals, particularly wheat.
Here in Cleopatra’s visionary mind, it was a feeling that if she had somehow reached the ruler Caesar of Rome, she could recapture Egypt throne. So, they thought of this remedy.
That she will go to Caesar in some unique, interesting way. So she invited an artistic fine carpet from Egypt , which she wanted to introduce to Caesar. Before presenting that carpet to Caesar, Cleopatra had wrapped herself in that carpet.
When the unique beauty Cleopatra draped in the carpet was spotted by Caesar, she became so fascinated over Cleopatra that Caesar was ready instantly to assist her. Suddenly Caesar died. The Roman Empire was divided. Cleopatra’s boyfriend Antony also committed suicide by defeating him, so Cleopatra also consumed poison and turned his face to the world.
Short biography of Cleopatra in english

Short biography of Cleopatra in english

3. Epithet:
Cleopatra’s life is a statue of an ambitious beauty of women, who was considered to be the goddess of beauty in the then time. She used all kinds of beauty cosmetics at that time to get her beauty. He had given women an inspiration to test and identify their beauty.

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