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Short Biography of Christopher Columbus in English


Short Biography of Christopher Columbus 

Short Biography of Christopher Columbus in English
Biography of Christopher Columbus in English

Biography of Christopher Columbus in English

Christopher Columbus (1451 – May 20, 1506) A sailor, a colonialist, research traveler grew up in Europe throughout the American continent because of his many sea voyages in the Atlantic. Although he was not the first European to come to the United States

Columbus supported a broad connection between Europeans and the citizens of America. He traveled four times to the United States, published by Queen Isabella of Spain. He tried to create a settlement on the island of Hispaniola, laying the foundations of Spanish colonialism in America. Thus began the process of European colonialism in this new world.

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa. His father was Weaver. He had two brothers. his father helped him in his bussiness, but he began to charm the sea. With his hobby and practice, he made a living. The Latin language also helped him. After knowing sailing, he had the opportunity to go to a far Places for business in the north. “Thule” England, Erlad and Isalad traveled to this place along the west side of Africa, the Canary, Kev Vhard in Bento, along with the West Bank of Africa.

Short Biography of Christopher Columbus in English

At the time, European traders were selling their goods on the Indian market and the Asian division. And when they came back, they were selling herbs in Europe. These transactions took place along the ground route. Constanti Nepal City was the gateway to this evil part. From where the Turks got to India via Turkplace, Iran, Afghanistan. In 1453, Turkani took over Constanti Nepal and closed the road to Europe. European traders faced a major problem because of the closure of the Turkish people.

It was very important to find a new way to the country of India and the Asia section. A lot of effort has been made. India would get west along the sea path and the idea came to the spirit of Columbus. No one was aware of how far these regions would be from the west side.

Biography of Christopher Columbus in English

The desire to find India

Columbus proposed exploring India for King John II of Portugal. In fact, Columbus seemed to be exploring the possibilities of trade and colonization in the east. Columbus’s plan was called impossible by Portuguese scholars and referred to as a dream, so Columbus went to Spain. It is said that sometimes the wait happens so long that expectations become volatile. Columbus was also frustrated, his patience was interrupted.

The first trip to Columbus

Columbus started his first trip to Palos, Spain, on March 3, 1945. The color of the port was something else that day. Thousands of people, including the king and Queen of Spain, have come to celebrate a campaign that could change the treasure of all the spain in the coming years. The name of the vessel rising in the port was:

Short Biography of Christopher Columbus in English

Santa Maria,

Nina, and.


During the trip, Columbus wrote his travel details. On September 6, the ship arrived near Kenner Island close to Africa. For a month, adding food began to end. In the recent past, Columbus has traveled continuously, increasing the morale of his colleagues. After a long journey, 10.

Geographic considerations

1828 the biography of Washington Irving Columbus popularized the idea that Columbus was struggling to get support for his plan, because many Catholic theologies demanded that the state was lame. In fact, almost all educated Western nations have at least realized the artistic during the time that the earth is in the sphere. Pton’s work also lasted for the Earth’s spherical, which was mainly based on medieval astronomy. Christian writers whose works clearly reflect the belief that the earth is spherical, in this St. Bede was revered during his record, which wrote about 723. During Columbus, astronomers have long been using celestial navigation techniques, which use the position of the sun and the position of the stars, realizing that the earth is spherical, which the astronomers have used for a long time and have begun to seamen.

Biography of Christopher Columbus 

As far as the third US is concerned. The results of the irotothenus confirmed, compared to the star monitors in Alexandria and hosts, which Posidius in the first century Before christ . These measurements were widely known among scientists, but the confusion over the old distant units, where they were expressed, resulted in a discussion of the exact size of the Earth over the days of Columbus.

The historical significance of the campaign

Short Biography of Christopher Columbus 

All things Christopher Columbus discovered were appreciated after the official half of the century. Why so long? The point is that after this period, the entire Galen old world colonized in Mexico and Peru began to spread, stuffed with gold and silver

The Spanish Royal Treasure campaign spent only 10 kilograms of gold prepared, and 300 years in Spain had the time to carry out precious metals in the United States, which was worth at least 3 million kilograms of pure gold.

Unfortunately, the crazy gold was not good for Spain, it did not stimulate the growth of industry or the economy and, as a result, the country is still hopeless behind many European countries.

Today, Christopher Columbus not only known for ships, cities, rivers and mountains, but also in the name, for example, the monetary unit of El Salvador, the state of Colombia, located in South America, as well as the famous state in America.

Biography of Christopher Columbus

He made four trips to the United States:

First voyage (2 August 1492 – 15 March 1493)

Second trip (25 September 1493 – 11 June 1496)

Third visit (30 May 1498 – 25 November 1500)

Fourth visit (May 9, 1502 – 1504)

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