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Short biography of Arun Jaitley in english


Short biography of Arun Jaitley in english

Arun Jaitley (born-December 28, 1952, New Delhi) is one of India’s top political parties, the leading leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He is currently holding the post of Finance Minister of India. Arun Jaitley has also held several major positions along with the Union Justice under the ‘ National Democratic Alliance ‘ (NDA) regime.

Short biography of Arun Jaitley in english

biography of Arun Jaitley in english

Personal Life

He was born in the house of Maharaj Kishan Jaitley and Ratan Prabha Jaitley. His father is a lawyer, he completed his school education from St Xavier’s School, New Delhi in 1957-69. He graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi in commerce in his 1973. He received a law degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in 1977. Throughout his career as a student, he has achieved various honors of outstanding performance in both academic and course extra activities. He was also president of the Student organization of Delhi University in 1974. Jaitley married Sangita Jaitley on May 24, 1982. He has two children, son Rohan and daughter Sonali
political career

Jaitley has been a member of the BJP’s national executive since 1991.  He became the BJP spokesman during the pre-general elections of 1999. After the Vajpayee government of the BJP-led NDA in 1999, he was appointed Minister of State (independent charge) for information and broadcasting on October 13, 1999. He was created for the first time to influence the policy of disinvestment under the rule of Nirgun State (Independent Charge) on July 23, 2000 following the resignation of Ram Jethmalani as union cabinet minister of law, justice and company affairs.

Since 1973, loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan, who was against corruption, was the convener of the National Committee set up by JP of students and youth organisations himself in connection with the ‘Sampoorna Kranti Movement’. In 1974, Delhi University was the head of the Chantra Sangh. In 1975-77, you joined the Jan Sangh after being imprisoned in Misa during the emergency for 19 months.
As a senior advocate, you have advocated in the Supreme Court and various high courts of the country since 1977. In 1989, V. P. Additional Solicitor General appointed by the Singh government. In the meantime, you prepared a probe into the Bofors scam.

You presented the documents “Corruption and Crime in India” before the British Legal Court of India. In June 1998, you joined the United Nations Conference on the United Nations Convention to enact an international law prohibiting the prohibition of drugs and irregular money as an authorised representative of the Government of India. The 84th Amendment Bill was also introduced by you in 2002 and the 91st Amendment Bill in 2004. Sharad Yadav, Madhav Rao Scindia Advani have fought trial for exonerating politicians and filmmakers Ram Gopal Verma and birla family. You are the creator of many pithy books on legal and contemporary problems. In the world trade negotiations, you have strongly and efficiently presented India’s stand.

Legal Career

Jaitley has been practicing law before the Supreme Court of India and several high courts in the country since 1977. In January 1990, the Delhi High Court nominated him as a senior advocate. In 1989, V.P. The Singh government had appointed him as additional Solicitor General and took paperwork to investigate the Bofors scam. His client, Sharad Yadav of jd (U) from Madhavrao Scindia of the Indian National Congress, is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) L. Includethe political spectrum for Advani. He has composed several publications on legal and existing matters. He has submitted a letter on the law relating to corruption and crime in India ahead of the Indo-British Legal Forum. He was a representative on behalf of the Government of India for the UN General Assembly session in June 1998 where the declaration of laws relating to drugs and money laundering was approved.
Jaitley has also come across PepsiCo and Coca Cola on behalf of huge multinational corporations and many other cases in India. After being law minister, Minister of Justice and Company Affairs, Jaitley represented Pepsi in 2002 in a case where the Supreme Court of India imposed harsh fines on 8 companies for painting advertisements on ecologically fragile rocks on Manali-Rohtang Road planted.  In 2004, Jaitley appeared on behalf of Coca Cola in the Rajasthan High Court case.
pre-held term

1980-1990 – Additional Solicitor General, Government of India

October 13, 1999 – Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting

September 30, 2000 – Independent Charge

December 10, 1999-July 2000 – Minister of State (Additional Charge)

April, 2000 – Elected to Rajya Sabha

July 23, 2000 – Minister of State for Law, Justice and Company Affairs

November 6, 2000 – Minister of State (Independent Charge)

November 7, 2000 – Minister of Law, Justice and Company Affairs

July 1, 2002-March 20, 2001 – Minister of Shipping (Additional Charge)

September 1, 2001-July 29, 2002 – Member, Court of Delhi University

January 29, 2003 – Member, Committee on Home Affairs, Committee on Foreign Affairs

Minister of Law and Justice and Minister of Commerce and Industry from 29th January, 2003

Member, Committee on Commerce, Committee on Privileges since August, 2004

Consultative Committee of Member, Ministry of Home Affairs since October, 2004

Member, World Affairs Council of India from January 2006 to April

, 2006 – Reelected to Rajya Sabha

Since August, 2006, members became members of the Joint Committee to examine the constitutional and legal status relating to the office of profit.  Became the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha from 3rd June, 2009.
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