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Corona Virus in Indian symptoms and treatment of deadly corona virus- Live Cases


Corona Virus in India-symptoms and treatment of deadly corona virus

Corona Virus in Indian symptoms and treatment of deadly corona virus

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Corona Virus in India – Know every information!

JobsGovernment of India has completed preparations to prevent the spread of corona virus: Central Vigilance Agency and IMA are on high alert.
SARS, also known as corona virus, is considered very dangerous. In 2002, 8,098 people were infected in China and 775 people were killed due to corona virus or SARS. According to the researchers, they listed a variety of corona viruses. Only six of those types of viruses were known to those who infected humans.

A new type of corona virus has been found due to this recent outbreak in China. Now, this number will go up to 7. Soon thereafter, a blood sample was taken from the affected person and sent to the laboratory for detailed examination. As soon as the report surfaced, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese authorities confirmed that it was a corona virus.
However, Chinese authorities have said the virus can still be controlled if detected early. Symptoms of corona virus –

• Headache
• Runny nose
• Cough
• Sore throat
• Fever
• Feeling sick
• Sneezing, worsening asthma and feeling tired.
• Pneumonia, lung inflammation.

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What steps have been taken by the Vigilance Department of India?

The Vigilance Department of India, and the Medical Association of India, under the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Direct Authority of External Affairs, have started vigilance on SARS spread across China. That is why some basic precautions have been taken in India such as emergency isolation unit, airport vigilance, passenger check-up, medical information, etc.

Authorities at Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Kochi airports have installed thermal. Hundreds of passengers leave to visit different parts of China, including India, Hong Kong, every day.

It has medical students, engineers, businessmen, diplomats, etc. That is why those who are returning from Hong Kong and China, particularly Wuhan province, are being thoroughly monitored and thermally examined. Passengers will have to fill in a self-reporting form before boarding the aircraft.
According to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, 0 “All important arrangements including isolation unit have been set up at all the seven major airports in India.0 According to the Union Ministry for External Affairs, they are in constant touch with the Chinese authorities so that the standard operating procedure can be fully adhered to.

Now the only report we have is that this virus is from animals, and of course reaches from one person to another. After an emergency meeting took off immediately after the virus spread across China and around the world, WHO has declared the corona virus an international health emergency.

Why is China suffering alone from the corona and how serious is it?

In general, people who are infected due to SARS have shown cold as a first sign of symptoms. If not treated, it can be fatal and lead the person to death.
This is a completely new virus. Its “Zoonotic”Szunotic0 “Viruses are called. Because, the virus is from animals (from one species of organisms to another) and soon it spreads from one human being to another in humans.

This virus has spread to China, this virus can be caused by higher intake of red meat and seafood of different species. It is no surprise that in the coming time, we came to hear some more updates from China. Indian officials say there have been a number of cases which confirm that the virus is from one person to another.

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How are the Indian authorities working on this matter?

Infected people are being checked into a single cell and alone to prevent the disease from further escalating. Thermal scanners have been installed at places from which passengers will pass.
Thermal detection will help the authority to understand whether the passenger has brought any kind of symptom with him. If confirmed, passengers will be immediately taken to the isolation unit to check them.

Moreover, (in China), the seafood market has been closed at present to maintain cleanliness and reduce infection.
A similar arrangement has been made to prevent the spread of the virus not only in China but also in some other nations of Asia like Nepal, India and Thailand.

So far, blood samples were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune and none of those samples were found to be positiv, officials said.
The Indian government is also constantly reviewing the situation amid reports of deadly coronavirus being circulated outside China.

In Delhi, the Union Cabinet Secretary has reviewed India’s preparedness to deal with any kind of situation.

But so far, around 500 people have been kept under surveillance in India, most of whom belong to Kerala. Many of them have recently returned from China and, as a precautionary measure, they approached themselves for medical advice. Recently, a Kolkata citizen (woman) died on January 26, 2020 and medical authorities are estimating that this could be a case of corona virus.
The Union Ministry has been informed and all medical facilities in India have been ordered to open the first care isolation unit. With this, vigilance is being maintained in the border areas of states bordering Nepal in the country.

PTI quoted the report as saying that at least 470 people who have returned from China in the last few days are being monitored.
Why is this virus spreading rapidly?

Initially, it was believed that the effect of the virus would be limited but there have been a number of new cases since December. Although the infection started from China’s Wuhan city, its transition is now visible with other cities in China outside the country as well.
There have also been some cases of infection in India, Thailand, Japan, the United States and South Korea.

People coming from Wuhan are more prone to infection. Experts say it is not necessary to identify all the people. It may be that there may be a number of cases which have been exempted.
It is feared that the virus has reached millions of people in different countries, with many coming to visit China in the New Year 2020 alone 

Corona Virus Treatment 

There is no cure for corona virus at this time. Antibiotics do not fight viruses, so their use is futile. However, antiviral drugs can work, but it takes several years to understand and solve the new virus.

No vaccine is also available so far to get rid of corona virus. Scientists are doing the work of making vaccines to treat this virus.

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